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The 7 Best Accountability Apps To Skyrocket Productivity

If you’re looking for accountability apps that will help you make more productive use of your time and reach your goals then you’re on the right page.

Every day people try to track their progress towards goals by checking various numbers – but not very many people use accountability partners or coaches to skyrocket their productivity. Using one of the following 7 accountability apps will boost your personal accountability and help you improve your habits.

We say that the apps below are the best because they meet certain criteria. Firstly, their user interfaces are intuitive. An intuitive user interface will make it easier for one to use and interact with the app. Secondly, the apps have creative ways of binding their users to their goals. Without this aspect, the app is not an accountability app but simply a productivity app. One must fill the pinch of failing to meet their goals. Lastly, the apps are bug-free and are frequently updated.

Most of them come with some amount of days or day free trial and are accessible via the app store on iOS devices or Android’s Google Play. If there’s no free version sometimes it’s worthwhile signing up for a premium version to really put some skin in the game.

1. Stickk

Website: https://www.stickk.com/tour

The engine that runs Stickk is simple yet genius- a commitment contract. As the term suggests, a commitment contract is a binding agreement one has with themselves to make sure that they follow through with a commitment or goal. Breach of the agreement, as with any other agreement, has a consequence (monetary or otherwise).

The app leverages on this arrangement to make you accountable to yourself! The concept is know as the psychological power of loss aversion. Basically, while we may at times not be too motivated to gain, no one wants to lose!

Stickk is not niche-based. It works for pretty much any goal you may have. The app has a beautiful user interface and is itself very intuitive. It is available on both google play store and app store.

2. Action Buddy

Website: https://actionbuddy.io

Action Buddy wants to be that good friend who always holds you accountable to your goals and vision. Its mission is to help you curb the habit of procrastination. The service is currently accessible via a web browser at the moment, but the page is nonetheless as simple and convenient to use as an app.

Action Buddy uses the same operating concepts and principles as Stickk- commitment contracts and loss aversion, but with a twist. For instance, Action Buddy has a more personal touch, in that your accountability partner is an actual person.

The system pairs you with someone. You may also sign up with a friend. The sanction is ingenious. Breach of your commitment contract will have you donate a certain amount of money to a cause you don’t support! Can’t think of a more effective motivator. Having an anti-charity to donate to if you don’t hit goals is a great way to break bad habits.

3. Beeminder

Beeminder will help you keep track of and achieve any quantifiable goal. Anything from how many jumping jacks to do a day, to how much money you save in a week. This app is slightly more forgiving than the first two. Here’s why.

When you fail to meet your goal, Beeminder has you pledge a certain amount of money. The money will be charged on your account when you fail to meet your goal for the second time.

The app is available on android and iOS.

4. Asana

Website: https://asana.com

Asana wants you to be strategic and proactive rather than reactive. This accountability platform is perfect for businesses. It consolidates data on tasks and tracks progress and presents all that in a simple, interactive layout.

It’s easy to slack when there’s no full picture of how far behind your goals you are. Asana makes sure you know where you stand vis a vis your goal. Asana has a free trial. Visit their webpage to learn more about this.

5. Money Manager

Money Manager is a great app for those looking to improve their spending habits. The app tracks all your expenditure processes it, and presents it to show you where you may be overspending. In that way, you’re better equipped to form healthier spending habits.

Money Manager is available on the play store but also has PC editing.

6. GoFuckingDoIt

Website: https://gofuckingdoit.com

The app’s name itself makes you want to do something- whatever it is! GoFuckingDoIt works in a similar way to Stickk and Action Buddy but has a few tricks up its sleeve. This platform is a perfect tool, for the accountability partner and the client alike.

The platform gives the accountability partner an opportunity to call out a friend/client who has been going on and on about doing something but not actually doing it. The friend/client is forced to pledge a certain amount of money, in case they fail to achieve the goal they’ve been ranting about.

7. Coach.Me

This platform is an accountability coach marketplace. On coach.me you have access to numerous accountability partners for a fee as small as twenty-five dollars a week. The platform makes it easier for those who render accountability services to make and maintain their arrangements with clients. Visit coach.me to learn more. The name is the URL as well.


With the seven apps above, you’re spoilt for choice. Any of the apps above may prove to be a perfect accountability app for you-depending on your needs. We’re excited to see you start your journey towards self-improvement. All the best!


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