How To Find An Accountability Coach (Simple Guide)

How To Find An Accountability Coach (Simple Guide)

In this article, we'll share with you our 3 step guide to finding a great accountability coach

First things first- definitions. The phrase accountability coach is a broad term used to define people offering a number of services, that are all geared to helping you achieve your goals in life. They are people who help you plan, prioritize, and implement the things necessary for you to achieve your goals, both short-term, and long-term. In so doing, they help you define what a productive day would look for you, and thus help you make productive use of your time.

So Are They Life Coaches?

No, not really. The job description of an accountability coach is much more streamlined than that of a life coach. Whereas a life coach helps you figure out what you want to do with your life, an accountability coach makes sure that you actually achieve what you want out of life.

The classic example of an accountability coach is a personal trainer. As part of the package they provide for their clients, personal trainers ensure that their clients follow their fitness programs to a tee in order for them to achieve their weight loss goals. In essence, a personal trainer is a specialised accountability coach.

Now, self care is not the only sphere of life, where one may find need for an accountability partner. In fact, the list is quite broad. The rule of thumb is simple- an accountability coach may be required when one has a short term or long term goal, that is too important, for them not to achieve. With that rule of thumb, it's easy to see why the work description for accountability coaches is so fluid. That said, below are some main spheres of life where accountability coaches are used most.

1. For Your Business Goals

You may need an accountability coach to help you meet your business goals. For instance, maybe you want to start your own business but need to make certain financial decisions to make sure you save enough money to do so. An accountability coach will help you figure out your finances, and help you come up with an actionable plan to achieve both the short term goal of saving enough money and the long term goals of starting your own business.

2. Improve Your Spending Habits

Yes, an accountability coach may come handy if you're a spendthrift. The process is the same. They help you come up with an actionable plan to curb bad spending habits, then they hold you accountable for every milestone towards your goal.

3. Academic Goals

Could be that you want to further your studies but have so much going on that you find it hard to put in the work needed for you to achieve your academic goals. An accountability partner will help set your academic goals, will help you re-order your life in order for you to meet those goals, and will help you be accountable to every milestone the action plan that you set towards those goals.

4. Any Other Personal Aspiration

Could be that you aspire to write a book, or to stop smoking- an accountability coach will help you get out of your comfort zone and focus your attention on those goals and aspirations that mean most to you.

How Then Do You Find A Great Accountability Coach?

Accountability Coaches don't come cheap. It therefore goes without saying that you should put in some due diligence before hiring one. When doing so, you should have a criteria. Some things are obvious i.e the accountability coach should conversant with the ins and outs of the goal you want to achieve.

Our three step guide is basically three principles with which we feel will help you wade the waters of accountability coaching and come out with a great coach.

1. Look For A Coach Who Is Willing To Put In The Time

Don't be mistaken, most accountability coaches do what they do for a living. That being so, many accountability coaches have a long list of clients and as such, are very busy. Now, it's also almost always true that the coaches with many clients are usually the best in the business.

The trick here is to do a balancing act. Find a reputable coach who has enough time on his calendar to give the time you need. Without quality time, you'll be wasting your money and will remain stuck in the rut that made you seek a coach in the first place.

2. Check For Compatibility

The accountability coach you found may have great reviews, but are they compatible with you? Do you like their methods? Are you comfortable with their style? Before saying yes to a coach, make sure you're compatible with their style of doing things. After all, chances are that you'll be using their services for a long time.

Sometimes a simple meeting will be enough for you to discern compatibility or otherwise. Other times, you may need to give the coach a try out. Whichever the case, don't go through with an arrangement that will see you get stuck with an accountability coach that makes you feel uncomfortable!

3. Make Sure They Walk The Walk

This is one is really important. Many people fall into situations where they are scammed by people who claim to be what their not. Before picking your coach, make sure that they're someone who's life you admire. Even from a practical point of view, it's easier to be accountable to someone who you respect than to some who's going through the same motions that you are! After all how can someone who has horrible time management skills help you improve your time management?

It's possible to ascertain the authenticity of a potential accountability coach without giving them a contract. One of the easiest way is through word of mouth. Testimonials. Make sure that the coach you're considering working with has nothing but solid testimonials. This should be your first step.


We are certain if you follow the steps outlined above, you'll find a great accountability coach. We're also exited to see you become the best version of yourself. All the best!