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11 Best Podcasts for Positive Thinking

Podcast listening continues to skyrocket, and this comes as no surprise. Podcasts allow us to multitask, reduce screen time, and discover a wide range of new topics directly from experts. These days, you can find a podcast about anything, from true crime stories to eye-opening educational content.

One of the most popular areas podcasts tackle is happiness and positive thinking. Many people enjoy listening to these motivational podcasts that help them change their mindset and adopt a more positive attitude toward work, relationships, and life. Here, we’ll discuss the best podcasts for positive thinking.

The Best Podcasts for Positive Thinking

Here’s a list in no particular order of the best podcasts for positive thinking that will help you manage stress, adapt to change, and improve your overall mental and physical health.

Positivity Podcast by Paul McKenna

Paul McKenna is a British behavioral scientist, hypnotist, radio and television broadcaster, and author of self-help books. In 2019, McKenna started the Positivity Podcast.

Each episode is around 30 minutes long, during which the host interviews some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs, musicians, actors, and authors.

The podcast is deeply explorative and non-journalistic, so it has a casual style that’s easy to listen to. McKenna talks to his guests about their success, achievements, and mindset.

Some of the most popular guests McKenna has interviewed are Bear Grylls, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Adam Lambert, and Jo Malone. During the lockdown in 2020, McKenna recorded a few special episodes that dealt with relationships, sleep, motivation, comfort eating, and stress.

Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs (The Mind Aware Show)

Dana Wilde is an expert on changing your mindset intentionally and systematically to get better outcomes.

She’s the author of “Train Your Brain,” a book that targets entrepreneurs and helps them adjust their mindsets and prepare for success. Dana also started a podcast called Positive Mindset for Entrepreneurs or The Mind Aware Show.

In this podcast, Dana discusses the hardships and challenges many entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them using positive thinking. Her listeners state that she provides valuable information and breaks it down into easy-to-digest pieces.

Dana issues a new episode every week, and the average length is around 15 minutes. While this podcast targets entrepreneurs, it can be great for anyone who wants to change their mindset and understand success and intentional action.

The Positive Head Podcast

This podcast centers on the idea that maintaining an elevated vibration is key to evolving and attaining one’s full potential. Brandon Beachum, the podcast’s creator, wants to help his listeners achieve this and maintain a state of positivity.

Every Wednesday, Brandon interviews a change-maker who has contributed to expanding our consciousness and awareness. Brandon and Dr. Erica Middlemiss take turns on other weekdays and host solo episodes.

In these podcasts, the hosts discuss the mindsets of different philosophers and teachers and dig deep into a wide range of mind-expanding subjects. They also answer questions from listeners.

The episodes’ length varies; some last around one hour, while others are 20 or 30 minutes long. New episodes are released Monday through Friday.

Positive Vibe Tribe

Positive Vibe Tribe is one of the best podcasts for positive thinking for those who don’t enjoy listening to long episodes or don’t have the time for it. Unlike many other podcasts, this one features episodes that last less than a minute.

According to the podcast’s author, Jonathan Belle, Positive Vibe Tribe aims to help listeners start their day right. Each episode is a short and sweet quote, a positive affirmation, a piece of wisdom, or a positive thought that can help you get in a good mood and prepare for the day. New episodes are released daily.

Positive University Podcast

The host of the Positive University Podcast is Jon Gordon, a best-selling American author, and speaker on the topics of leadership, teamwork, sales, and culture.

In his podcast, Jon shares inspiration and encouragement that helps listeners overcome their challenges and make a positive impact. He and his guests discuss a wide range of topics, from finding confidence and leadership strategies to finding your identity, reinventing yourself, and accomplishing more.

This podcast doesn’t target a particular group of listeners. Anyone who wants to adopt a more positive mindset can enjoy it, regardless of gender, age, or line of work. The episodes are released weekly and typically last between 30 minutes and one hour.

Power for Positive Living Podcast

The author of this podcast is Dr. James Hughey, a retired psychologist. In each episode, Dr. Hughey shares his thoughts regarding different topics that shape our minds and actions.

He discusses life and death, relationships, positive attitudes, physical and mental health choices, and more. The host digs deep into the human mind and explains how to manage expectations, understand our choices, communicate with others, and much more.

Many listeners agree that the host offers a fresh, insightful perspective and practical information they can use to understand themselves and others. The author releases a new episode every week, and the length varies, usually lasting between 10 and 30 minutes.

Best Podcasts for Positive Thinking

Encouragement Engineering

The inspiration for this podcast was the belief that everyone faces challenges at some point. Since we’re all different, not everyone has the same response to various negative events. Many struggle to embrace change or adjust their thoughts and actions to new circumstances.

The Encouragement Engineering podcast offers a new, positive perspective on different events and helps listeners combat negativity. Bob Brumm, the author, hosts various guests and discusses topics focusing on developing a positive mindset and taking action to adapt and change.

Many listeners like that the episodes are of varying lengths. Some episodes are bite-sized and perfect for days when you don’t have much free time, while others are more extended interviews with interesting guests.

The Lively Show

This podcast is hosted by Jess Lively. She started The Lively Show to inspire, uplift, and help the listeners be more present in the moment. The podcast has more than 300 episodes in which Jess has hosted numerous guests from different spheres.

Listeners can learn more about various topics, including neurology, laws of attraction, consciousness, using your inner voice, relationships, compassion, karma, and boredom. All episodes focus on the positive and help listeners embrace the day ahead.

While the podcast has been named the number one podcast all female entrepreneurs should listen to, it doesn’t target women or entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to learn more about themselves and others can enjoy it. Each episode lasts around one hour.

Positively Living: Do Less, Live More … Breathe Easier

Lisa Zawrotny is the host of this podcast that focuses on self-improvement. The curated content aims to support entrepreneurs, multi-passionate creatives, and everyone who wants to develop their business. The host and her guests discuss prioritizing and achieving more while doing less.

In more than 100 episodes, Lisa has covered numerous topics, from collaboration, productivity, and gratitude to stress management, burnout, and marketing. Listeners can enjoy actionable advice, humor, hope, and positive reinforcement. Episodes are released weekly, and each lasts around 40 minutes.

Making Positive Psychology Work

This podcast’s host is Michelle McQuaid, an author, change activator, and well-being teacher. The podcast focuses on uncovering practical ways to help listeners flourish in all areas, including personal relationships and work.

It’s designed for everyone who wants to learn to bring out their best using evidence-based approaches and procedures. The host brings in practitioners and researchers from neuroscience, positive psychology, and organizational scholarship each week.

They explore the latest scientific findings on improving one’s well-being, developing strengths, and nurturing positive relationships. Each episode lasts between 30 minutes and one hour.

The Positive Psychology Podcast – Bringing the Science of Happiness to Your Earbuds

Kristen Truempy is a mindfulness expert and the author of The Positive Psychology Podcast. Kristen recognized there’s an abundance of reading materials that center on positive psychology and developing a positive mindset, but not many people have the time to read them.

She started this podcast to help people learn more about positive psychology and the “science of the good life.” The podcast highlights positive thinking and helps listeners understand and accept different life situations, events, and circumstances. Kristen discusses various topics, from appreciating beauty and positive emotions to post-traumatic growth, body image, depression, and consumerism.

Many listeners say they enjoy this podcast because the host doesn’t pretend the world is perfect and tackles different issues surrounding us. Episodes have varying lengths, from around 10 minutes to more than one hour.

Play the Podcast on Full Blast

Many people underestimate the power of the spoken word. Podcasts have managed to change this and keep storytelling alive. In addition to being convenient, podcasts allow us to explore unique topics, listen to experts discuss their opinions, and avoid mainstream media bias.

Everyone needs a reminder to think positively from time to time, as this is a vital part of effective stress management. Hopefully, this list of the best podcasts for positive thinking has inspired you to listen to some of them and adjust your mindset.


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