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How to Find Motivation to Exercise When Tired

Wanting to work out and not finding the energy or will to do it can be demoralizing. It can slow your progression considerably, even bringing it to a halt. But implementing some of the best ways to find the motivation to exercise when tired isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Get a Training Partner or Personal Coach

People sometimes assume that athletes hire personal coaches for their knowledge alone. But someone with enough time can learn all they need to train independently. Why, then, do we still see some of the best-conditioned people on the planet work with trainers and training partners?

The reason is simple.

Working out with someone else helps you stay motivated and push your body harder, even when you’re tired or bored. A coach or training partner can pump you up with words, share their energy, and ultimately change your vibe during a training session.

If you can’t afford to hire a coach, consider working out with a friend, coworker, or family member. Perhaps you can join a gym and meet new people to motivate each other through grueling exercises.

It’s one of the best ways to find the motivation to exercise when tired and stay focused on meeting or exceeding your fitness goals.

Set Small Goals and Reward Yourself

A long workout session can seem like a tall order when you’re tired. But if you want to find the motivation to exercise, a few rewards can go a long way toward making you run the extra mile or perform a couple more sets on your lifts.

Promise yourself an internal or external reward for completing specific workout goals. Naturally, this only works if you’re disciplined enough to deny yourself certain pleasures if you fail to perform. But once you master this training style, you’ll develop the willpower to push through the harshest exercise routines.

Boost Your Energy

Some assume that energy drinks and pre-workout supplements are only for professional athletes. But that’s not entirely true.

A pre-workout drink can give athletes a significant strength boost and help them push their bodies beyond their limits. It’s easy to understand why regular people might not need that if all they want is to stay in shape.

But pre-workout supplements and energy drinks can help anyone get a temporary boost in focus, vitality, and willpower. Unless you’re allergic to caffeine, many energy boosters are safe to use in small doses.

Besides, you don’t have to take them before every workout. You can use them when you’ve had a tiring day, or you can’t find enough motivation to do your exercises. Most pre-workout supplements work within 30 to 60 minutes.

Take a Nap

Power naps are often underrated. Done correctly, they help clear your head and rest your eyes. They can also give you a much-needed energy boost.

Sometimes a 15- to 20-minute nap is enough to rejuvenate you so you can start working out and reach your fitness goals.

Another way you can do this is by setting your nap as a reward. Power through your workout, knowing you can allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes of shuteye if you finish. This can be a powerful motivator when you’re pressed for time and can’t afford to stretch out your training session.

Stretch and Practice Your Breathing

Sometimes you can feel too tired to start running, lifting weights, or jumping into the pool for a couple of laps. But interestingly enough, physical activity is excellent for increasing your energy levels.

Here’s a simple trick you can use. Start your workout slowly by doing some stretches, warming up, and performing deep breathing exercises. By the time you’re done, you might snap out of your sleepy state and feel ready to take on more strenuous exercises.

Remind Yourself of the Benefits of Working Out

Some people have more powerful reasons for exercising. While aesthetics can be important, physical recovery, improving their metabolism, and healthier lives are more vital.

For example, skipping a workout session may delay your physical recovery. Perhaps not working out will prevent you from losing those extra inches around the waist before the summer. Maybe you’re exercising to participate in a marathon or different event, and every day wasted will hurt your overall performance and placing.

Everyone benefits from working out in different ways besides the general advantages of exercising. If you find yourself tired or unmotivated, remind yourself of what you’re gaining and working toward with each workout session. Again, having a coach or accountability partner is a great way to stay focused on the pros of exercising consistently.

 Find Motivation to Exercise When Tired

Switch Things Up

Sometimes you may lack motivation not because of fatigue but because you’ve become bored with your workouts. Perhaps you’re not seeing enough tangible progress, or you’ve mastered specific exercises.

In that case, it’s time to change things up. Implement new exercises, try lifting different weights, target new muscle groups, or run on a different incline or terrain. Change the scenery by running on another route or switching gyms for a few weeks.

Stepping outside your comfort zone, even for a little while, can make you feel like working out for the first time. It can make you excited again and less affected by fatigue.

Watch Motivational Videos

Suppose you can’t afford a coach or sync your workout schedule with friends and other training partners. That doesn’t mean you can’t find different ways to pump yourself up and put physical or mental fatigue in the rearview mirror.

You can find countless motivational videos online, especially for fitness enthusiasts. The combination of visible results, carefully curated music, and motivational quotes from trainers, influencers, and athletes can just as easily give you the impulse to power through workouts as having someone by your side.

If you often lack the willpower to train correctly or intensely, switching your workout music or Netflix TV shows to motivational videos is a great way to avoid distractions.

Find the Time of Day that Works Best for You

Every trainer will tell you the best time of day to work out. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same schedule or is wired the same. Some people respond better to early morning workouts, while others prefer to exhaust themselves before bed.

Maybe you’re the type that likes getting a few sets in at the gym during your lunch break. Everyone’s different, and there’s no right or wrong way to create a workout schedule.

The critical thing to remember is to find the best exercise window to ensure that fatigue doesn’t play a role in your performance.

Make Lifestyle Changes

You won’t always find motivation on demand when you’re tired, especially if you often feel this way. Some forms of physical fatigue are challenging to overcome through willpower. But if that’s the case, you may have more significant problems than you think.

Consistent fatigue and lack of motivation can result from a poor and unhealthy lifestyle.

A great way to find the motivation to exercise when tired is to make slight lifestyle changes that will help you be less tired.

For one thing, you can change your diet. Eating healthy carbs, high amounts of protein, and eliminating sugars from your meals will give your body more nutrients. It will also increase your physical endurance and boost cognitive abilities.

Adding multivitamins and other dietary supplements can help you stay nourished and energized during the day, thus minimizing fatigue and allowing you to focus on getting through your workouts.

At the very least, living a healthy lifestyle and focusing on nutrition will allow you to be better mentally equipped to find the motivation to exercise when tired.

Create Fun Workouts

Exercising isn’t always fun, even if you dream of achieving your peak physique. Not everyone enjoys working out, despite feeling connected with their fitness goals. That’s why it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise when tired if you’re not getting enough tangible results and validation.

Some forms of exercise are more engaging than others. Depending on your goals, you can change your workouts to fun activities. For example, if your goal is to improve your cardio conditioning, playing team sports can be a great alternative to working out alone. And learning to dance salsa will surely get your heart rate up.

If you don’t like lifting weights, you may enjoy the added challenge of high-intensity kettlebell workouts. Introduce one or more fun elements into your exercise routines, and you’ll be more motivated to carry on despite feeling tired.

Aromatherapy to Boost Your Workout

Aromatherapy can be used for several reasons, not just in a fancy boutique spa. Using scents to improve your mood and increase energy is a delightful way to find the motivation to exercise when tired.

Scents such as ginger, peppermint, lavender, lemon, and cinnamon might get you up off the couch and into your workout gear.

The tiniest whiff can invigorate you and get you in a groove so you can start your workout, despite how tired you may feel. Of course, consulting a physician is always recommended. Also, be aware that some essential oils are dangerous to pets.

Discipline Over Motivation

It’s vital to remember that motivation is temporary and won’t help you get more out of your workouts all the time. If you want to be consistent regardless of your fatigue levels, the best thing to do is develop the discipline to exercise and meet your fitness goals.

The more consistent you are, the easier it is to overlook random physical or mental limitations and find the motivation to exercise when tired.


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